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Senior Rugby

Article posted: Nov 23, 2014 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

The senior boys rugby squad for South and East midlands wing on the 2nd of November at RAF Wyton. We played some great rugby through the matches some mistakes were made but for a team that never trained together it was some awesome rugby.

The format for the day was rugby sevens. This is the game where only seven players are on each team and there is only seven minutes in one half. This is a more intense and fitness focused game with players needing to run more. All we focused on was shipping the ball out towards the wing and then running for the line.

We played 4 games over the course of the day. We won 3 of our games and lost to Herts and Bucks by 3 points so one drop goal and we could have drawn but we still played incredibly well with one of the oppositions tries held up across the line.

The last game was the most intense as it was the battle for the silver medal. We went 7-0 down at half time the wing commander could barely watch as we started the second half. A late try from Sgt Luke Evans 2 minutes from the end and the conversion by Cdt Jon Mclean placed us level with the opposition. Then from the back of a ruck the ball was passed to Cdt Ollie Dodge out on the wing to bring it home underneath the posts 30 seconds from the end this time the wing commander was jumping up and down with elation as dodge placed the ball down on the floor for that heroic moment. Again Cdt Mclean stepped up to the plate for the conversion and conferred with the referee the time left for the match with only 10 seconds left the kick was taken and as it sailed through the whole of the South and East Midlands senior rugby sevens team lept up with joy screaming and hugging each other. As we clapped the other team off three cheers were filled with pride and joy. As we went into our huddle to congratulate each other and walk off of the pitch the wing commander offered his thanks and congratulated us with the mutter of “don’t do that to us again I can’t bare it”.

All in all we had an awesome day and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Every single one of our team was picked to attend the 2014 region trials.

1461 Media Comms Team