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Sergeant Chisholm is walking tall

Article posted: May 19, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Utting

Recently Sergeant (ATC) Dominic Chisholm went away to the Adult Training Facility (ATF) at RAFC Cranwell to complete the Corps Drill Instructor (DI) course.

The Corps DI course is an exclusive course that is only offered to the top 3 students on the Senior NCO course held at ATF. To be eligible for the DI course you have to receive high marks in uniform standards, drill and methods of instruction. If you do not reach these marks then unfortunately you are not offered a place.

Competition for the 3 places is always fierce and SGT Chisholm worked hard to make sure he was awarded one.

The DI course is very demanding. It consists of a few classroom based lessons and the remainder of the time is spent on the drill square with Warrant Officer (RAF Regiment) Mitchell.

After 5 days of marching and a few lessons in between, all the students had to conduct a drill mutual. The drill mutual is a lesson where the instructor has to break down a drill movement in to parts and deliver the lesson in a very specific way working from a script that they have memorised.

Once completing the mutual, the students then have a multiple choice test which covers flight, squadron and wing drill as well as generic drill questions for example when drill commands are given and to what timings the drill movements are completed.

SGT Chisholm was chosen to complete his mutual lesson a day earlier than some of the other students as he had displayed a greater aptitude in this area. Once he completed this he was then given the duty of helping the other students reach the required standard for the test.

SGT Chisholm said “the course was intense. I really had to switch on as soon as I arrived at Cranwell. I had done a lot of preparation for the course and this helped me a great deal.”

“The course overall was hard going due to being on our feet 90 per cent of the day but at the end of it I have gained a confidence that no other course could of given me and I am immensely happy that I have passed and that I am now a fully qualified Drill Instructor.”