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Sergeant Moffatt continues through Graduation Week

Article posted: Apr 02, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Rayson-Flynn

It’s Tuesday, and there’s two days left before Cadet Sergeant Nathan Moffatt graduates on the Qualified Aerospace Instructors Course (QAIC) at RAF Linton-On-Ouse. The assessment weekend is complete, and the eager wait is well under way.

For Monday through to Thursday, the Linton students have been joined by the other 20 students based south at MOD Boscombe Down. Whilst on their stay the entire course have been getting up to a few activities to pipe down from the assessment weekend on Saturday and Sunday, and the results are soon to be announced.

On Monday, the first visit was based locally at RAF Linton-On-Ouse, to 72 ® Squadron, of which fly the Tucano aircraft used for training fast jet pilots after progressing from the Grob Tutor, of which us cadets in the Air Cadet Organisation fly at Air Experience Flight Squadrons (AEF’s). Whilst at the squadron, we saw the Tucano simulators in action and eight cadets on the course were able to have a go for themselves.

Today, the course headed north, and visited RAF Leeming, and whilst at the base took a visit to 100 Squadron, the aggressor squadron flying Hawk T1’s, providing an enemy target for fast jet pilots. On the visit, the course was taken around the planning equipment and also the hangar, full of the Squadron’s Hawk’s due to the crosswind weather.

100 Squadron took the time to show us around one of the Hawk aircraft into detail and offered a couple of students, including Sergeant Moffatt to sit in the cockpit of the jet. After this there was the opportunity to take a course photo in front of a Hawk aircraft.

On departure of 100 Squadron, the course travelled to the other side of the base, to 90SU Squadron, a Signals Unit. The main purpose of the squadron is for infrastructure and networking, providing services such as satellite intelligence, data links, air traffic control systems, and other vital services to assist other squadrons all over the UK and also in areas of conflict. Activities there included a demonstration of some of the equipment used, such as a modem, laptop and satellite receiver, alongside the living equipment whilst in the field. Also, equipment such a portable air traffic control tower was also set up for the course to take a look at, alongside a radio exercise.

Continuing through the week is going to see the course students present their forty minute presentations to the directing staff and each other, alongside a few VIP’s, including two Group Captains, two Air Commodore’s (retired) and other distinguished guests, before partaking in a graduation dinner on Wednesday night. Hopefully, Sergeant Moffatt will receive his certificate and blue lanyard to recognise his achievement ready for parading on Thursday back at the Squadron.

Keep looking for the story of his graduation!

Written by Cadet Sergeant Moffatt