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Sharp Shooters at Beeston

Article posted: May 15, 2009 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

The staff at 1359 (Beeston) Sqn have been pushing hard to increase the number of cadets on the unit who hold a marksmanship badge. Using the range facilities at nearby Chetwynd Barracks as well as those at RAF Wittering has paid dividends with more than 15 cadets having attained the Squadron Marksman badge in the last 6 months.

In addition several have now also reached the level of Wing Marksman and the squadron are also pleased to announce that two cadets have reached Region Marksman, just one off the highest award of Corps Marksman. No-one can remember when the squadron last had two Region Marksmen, never mind several others also pushing for the award.

By coincidence the two Region Marksmen have been friends for some time and have both recently been promoted to sergeant and are now the flight commanders on the squadron. This has helped develop a friendly competitive spirit between them and they are both now working hard to get their Corps marksman before the other one.

Sergeant Claire Hallam was the first to get the award and subsequently won the Squadron Marksmanship Trophy for 2008. Sergeant Adam Hill received his shortly after, both were corporals at the time.

This competitiveness also extends to how they run their flights and both are determined to ensure that their flight will be crowned the best for 2009. This can only bring dividends to the squadron and the cadets themselves as they are encouraged to give their best for the squadron in whatever they do.

Congratulations to them both and to all the other marksmen on the squadron and thanks to the staff who have been the driving force behind these awards.

CI Mike Hill
Media and Communications Officer
1359 (Beeston) Sqn, ATC
South and East Midlands Wing