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S’now stopping Swadlincote Air Cadets

Article posted: Feb 01, 2015 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

Snow or no snow, there was no stopping the Swadlincote Air Cadets this weekend when they did their fieldcraft training at Derby’s Drum Hill Scout Camp site. The brave Cadets and Staff spent a long cold weekend undergoing leadership and combat style training in an inch of snow and at zero degree temperatures.

With a lot of the newer Cadets wanting to take part in the military style training, they weren’t prepared to allow meteorology get in their way. Squadron Operations Officer Alex Moss told us, “We made sure that the Cadets gained training in some extreme conditions, but we also made sure that they had respite within one of the Scout buildings on regular occasions, filling them with hot drinks and a traditional meal of bangers and mash.
Our Cadets get chances to take part in activities which are just not available to anyone else in the South Derbyshire area, but of course this is just a part of the work we do. Where else can a young teenager take control of an aeroplane and do aerobatics with a Royal Air Force Pilot for free? Swadlincote Cadets gain training which is incredibly useful not only if they join the military but also in civilian life.”

Squadron Commander Alyn Thompson added, “Our development of an individual Cadets resourcefulness on this type of exercise is just a part of our work in the Air Cadet Organisation. Our job at 1211 Squadron is to give every available opportunity for all of our Cadets, whether it’s a flight in an Air Force aeroplane or putting them forward for qualifications in the B-tec scheme. We are one of the best Air Cadet Units in the UK and the reason for that is because our training programme is so varied. Last year we had Cadets in Singapore, Canada, Germany, Cyprus and Gibraltar. Some gained Leadership qualifications in the Welsh Mountains and others became Glider Pilots!”

Flt Lt Thompson RAFVR (T)
OC 1211 Sqn