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Soaring first, second & third for 2071 (Stamford) Sqn as Cadets ‘Go Gliding’…

Article posted: Jun 18, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Cadets form 2071 (Stamford) Sqn took to the skies over RAF Syerston on Sunday 17th June, enjoying excellent flying conditions.

Cadets Beckerton, Deen-Davis & Spiegl made a first in their cadet service as they took to the skies for the first time in a Viking Glider of 643 VGS. After safety briefings, weigh in and a brief walk out, the pair were soon airborne and completed their GIC 1 training. All cadets received GIC Certificates for their achievements.

Cadet Beckerton said of his first ever flight in a Glider “This was my first flight in a glider since becoming a cadet, however, my experience today has made the wait well worth it! I took control and experienced pitch, circuits and thoroughly enjoyed it”.

Cadet Spiegl said “I really enjoy Gliding and I intend to apply for my Gliding Scholarship as soon as I am 16. Completing my GIC 1 has made me more determined to pursue my interest in Gliding and Aviation studies”.

Pilot Officer Paul Ferguson RAFVR (T) said of the visit “It is very encouraging to see the cadets fly and to experience the joys of non-powered flight. They did not stop talking about their individual flights and experiences all the way back to Stamford, which was good to hear. Once again our thanks go to all staff and pilots at 643 VGS for the outstanding reception and flying”.

By Plt Off Paul Ferguson
2071 Sqn