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Some Things Never Change

Article posted: Jul 20, 2010 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Nowadays it is far too common to hear people talk about the good old days and how things used to be better, that the youth of today can’t live up to the lofty expectations that the previous generation sets for them. However the 27th of June was a day to destroy all these old and outdated stereotypes.

Wing field day 2010 started on a bright Sunday morning with cadets from 504 (West Nottingham) Sqn and South & East Midlands Wing congregating in the car park at RAF Wittering with high hopes and high expectations.
The day marched on with cadets spreading across the station to their various events, competing in events from Drill to First Aid, Aircraft Recognition to Shooting. While the anxious cadets waited patiently in the car park for their turn in the hot seat relief was offered in the form of a generator and television courtesy of 1360 (Stapleford) squadron. The cadets gathered around to watch the epic catastrophe that was the England Germany football, but even such a defeat couldn’t lower the morale of the cadets and staff alike.

As the day drew towards a close the cadets filtered across to final parade waiting apprehensively to hear the results.
After a long and testing day the cadets boarded their coaches and headed triumphantly home proud of what they had accomplished.

The full list of results is available on the South and East Midlands Wing website.

By CI A Booth
504 (West Nottingham) Squadron MCO