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Sporting Success in the Wing

Article posted: Mar 12, 2012 by Flt Lt Waplington

Sunday 26th February saw the Wing enter teams into the Region Girls Hockey and Senior Boys Football Competition held at RAFC Cranwell.

Cadets came from across the Wing to take part in the Competition and certainly didn’t let themselves, their Squadrons or the Wing down.

The Hockey team were definately under pressure on the day as they were the reigning champions from 2011.

The team however had an excellent turn-out and the played with all the heart and enthusiasm that could be expected of them. The trials and training by the team manager paid off with the girls in high spirits on the day.

The team won several games throughout the Competition, and managed to walk away with the 1st position on the day. The girls were each rewarded with an individual gold medal and presented with the Region Hockey trophy by Wing Commander Dickinson OBE – Officer Commanding South and East Midlands Wing.

Cpl P Ball – 1084 Sqn collecting trophy

Team Manager “CI Rosie Glenister – 1461 Sqn” was overjoyed with the result and commented that the girls had proven they were a force to be reckoned with, and had managed to sustain a good team spirit throughout the competition. It was a pleasure to watch the girls collect the trpohy for the second year running – Well done.

The Football team unfortunately didn’t have the same look on the pitch as the girls, but still put their heart and soul into every game. They managed to hold a few teams to a draw, but then went on to be beaten by other teams throughout the day eventually getting the 6th position overall. The competition was to a high standard and the overall positions were still very close till the end.

Flt Lt Lynda Waplington – Wing Sports Officer Commented that the turn out and team spirit on the day was excellent, and it was brilliant to see the girls pick up the trophy once again – well done.

Flt Lt Lynda Waplington
Wing Sports Officer