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Sports Trials for 1936

Article posted: Feb 25, 2016 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

Three Cadets from 1936 Newton Squadron attended the recent sports trials held for the Wing in RAF Wittering.

As the first trials of the 2016 sports season, there were many enthusiastic cadets: over 200 attended over the four sports.
Cadet Peter Wallace attended the trials for rugby. The trials included both drills and game play with an impressive turnout from across the wing. Cadet Wallace made the place of reserve: a notable achievement for competing at his first trial representing his Squadron.

On the hockey pitch, Sergeant Jess Paine and Cadet Evelyn Hogg were running continuous passing drills. As game play commenced, Sergeant Paine was put into defence and Cadet Hogg into goal as both had played these positions in the last wing competition.

Impressively, both girls earned themselves places on the team, though unfortunately only Cadet Hogg is available on the day.
Good effort to the cadets who attended and good luck to Cadet Hogg on the Wing competition day!