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Staff Development Courses run at RAF Wittering

Article posted: Oct 09, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Richards

On the weekend of the 1st – 2nd October 2016, South & East Midlands Wing’s Leadership & Development Centre ran the Wing’s Civilian Instructor Induction course and a Prospective Uniform course at RAF Wittering.

The Civilian Instructor Induction course gave those attending a formal introduction into the Air Cadet Organisation (ACO), covering various presentations about the aims, structure, badges and ranks within the ACO, expectations of CI service and standards, as well as an overview of our parent Service the Royal Air Force and how it supports the ACO.

Those attending the CI Induction course also learned about health & safety, duty of care and social networking as well as future training and development opportunities as a staff member of the ACO. Additionally, as part of the CI Induction course, there were numerous presentations around methods of instruction and those attending undertook their MOI assessment where they had to deliver a lesson that was assessed against fixed criteria to pass and achieve their MOI certificate – pleasingly, all candidates passed.

ACO members of S&E Midlands Wing who attended the CI Induction and Prospective Uniform courses.

The Prospective Uniform course is designed to help those wishing to enter uniformed service either as a VRT Officer or an ATC SNCO, building on their existing knowledge. The course covered numerous aspects including the different policies relating to, and expectations of, uniformed service, health & safety, current RAF and NATO deployments as well as testing candidate’s problem solving abilities by through a series of scenarios and an assessment of their knowledge in advance of potentially attending a SNCO board or Wing VRT Filter Interview.