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Stapleford Calling ‘MRC60’

Article posted: Mar 12, 2012 by Flt Lt Waplington

After a provisional radios course, learning the basics of UHF and VHF radios, F/S Osbiston and Sgt Hatfield from 1360 decided they were up for the challenge of the Full VHF/UHF Radios course.
Arriving on a Friday night, the two budding cadets were prepared for a weekend of learning the ins and outs of Radio’s. The night began with the welcome brief and a revision of the phonetic alphabet and the basic radio rules.

The next morning after a hearty breakfast in the junior ranks mess, the course sat down to lessons in satellite communications and advanced radio and radar. They evening ended with a small practical session playing battleships using the skills we had learnt.
Sunday was the practical assessment, learning how to wire plugs and test for continuity. They also sat two exams in the subjects they had learnt the day previous. This luckily allowed them, not only to pass the course but also to qualify for the master cadet classification.

“The weekend was tiring but was a great insight into the world of communications and I will take these skills back and pass on my knowledge to cadets at my own Squadron” said Cadet F/S Osbiston.
Both Cadets successfully passed the course and are now planning lessons for the rest of the squadron in the art of Radio and communications.

By Cadet F/S Osbiston
1360 Stapleford & Sandiacre SQN ATC