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Storming into the Finals

Article posted: Mar 23, 2009 by Flt Lt Waplington

On sunday, 15th March, Fourteen cadets from various squadrons across the wing travelled to RAF College Cranwell, to participate in the semi-finals of the open girls hockey competition, having already won the preliminary round against Trent wing 3-0, the weekend before.

The semi-final match was drawn against Warwick and Birmingham wing. This match proved to be a lot easier than what the wing were expecting, with a cracking goal in the first three minutes of play. This was to be the start of another seven goals scored through the duration of the match, making the final score 8-0 to South and East Midlands. This meant that the wing had therefore qualified for the final.

The final match was against Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire wing, who had beaten the reigning champions, Herts and Bucks, 8-4. The team knew that it would be a tough match, but after a two hour break, the team felt that anything was possible.
The first 10 minutes of the match seemed to be against the wing, but the match developed into a well fought out game. Unfortunately the game didn’t go in the wings direction, loosing 1-0 but the team played fantastically and came away with a well deserved silver medal.

A huge thank-you to the team and the coaches and good luck to the cadets selected for region trials.

By CPL Charlotte Wilkinson-Burnett. 1181 (Syston) Sqn