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Swadlincote Air Cadets Recruitment Night Succes

Article posted: Oct 07, 2013 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

Tuesday 1st October 2013 saw 1211 (Swadlincote) Squadron Air Training Corps welcome local youngsters and their parents into their Squadron Headquarters in Eureka Park for a recruitment evening led by Flight Lieutenant (Flt Lt) Robert Moore, Civilian Instructor (CI) Matthew Collins and the Cadet Non Commissioned Officers (Cdt NCOs) of our Training Flight – Cadet Warrant Officer (CWO) Joy Wakeling (18), Corporal (CPL) Luke Richardson (16) and Corporal (CPL) Joseph Neal (15).

The evening started promptly at 7.30pm where parents and local youngsters were treated to a cup of tea and a biscuit upon arrival, before being welcomed into the Squadron by Flight Lieutenant Robert Moore who introduced himself to everyone in attendance and prompted the beginning of the power point presentation given by the cadets in charge of the training flight. The training flight is the group every new young person who joins the Squadron enters in order to complete their initial basic training which enables them to become a fully fledged cadet and be integrated into the remaining four flights the Squadron has. During this power point presentation, CWO Wakeling talked about the different sports you can take part in as an Air Cadet and the Squadron Band and Drum Corps alongside explaining their role on Remembrance Sunday parades through the middle of Swadlincote. Cpl Richardson talked about fieldcraft exercises and leadership courses youngsters can take part in as an air cadet, which can see cadets getting dressed up in green uniform and painting their face with cam cream. Finally, Corporal Neal explained what the Duke of Edinburgh’s award scheme is alongside explaining what BTEC Qualifications youngsters involved within the air cadet organisation can achieve in their spare time. Although the Air Cadets at Swadlincote take part in a lot more activities than this.

Following this part of the evening, there was a Question and Answer session on the information the parents and potential new recruits had just heard before taking a bit of time out for a break. During the second half of the evening the parents and potential new recruits were split into two groups, where CI Collins and Flt Lt Moore, took the parents into a classroom and gave them more information on the structure of the Squadron, including recent achievements of current cadets of the Squadron including CWO Wakeling visiting Canada and Flight Sergeant Brad Tallet visiting Singapore through the International Air Cadet Scheme, A Flight led by FS Tallet conquering Mount Snowdon in Wales and having the best Sporting Cadets in the South and East Midlands area at the Squadron. The parents were also introduced to member of staffs on the Squadron and Flt Lt Moore explained what their role is on the Unit. For example we have the Squadron Commander, Flight Lieutenant Alyn Thompson who is in charge, Flight Lieutenant Ruth Morgan who is the Squadron Adjutant and Adult Flight Sergeant Chris Gotheridge who is in charge of Drill and Discipline on the Squadron.

The potential new recruits were left in the capable hands of CWO Wakeling, Cpl Neal and Cpl Richardson where they received a short taster session in Drill (Marching) and an initiative excerise which saw a leader being chosen at random to make the rest of the recruits stand in a line in date of birth order, in silence.

The end of the evening saw 1211 (Swadlincote) Squadron gain 12 new recruits and the rest of the cadets and members of staff look forward to welcoming them into Squadron life where there training will now begin under the watchful eye of CWO Joy Wakeling.

The local people of Swadlincote are to be reminded that the recruitment window is open until Thursday 24th October, should anyone else be interested in joining the Squadron and becoming an Air Cadet. Everyone is encouraged to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

CI C Tildesley
Squadron MCO