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Swadlincote Cadets Visit Global Aero Engine Manufacturer

Article posted: Feb 25, 2009 by sl1

On Tuesday 24th February 2009, 20 Air Cadets and Staff from Swadlincote, visited Rolls-Royce in Derby to gain an insight in to the latest in Jet Engine Technology.

The Cadets from 1211 (Swadlincote) Squadron (Sqn), who are all working towards a BTEC award in Aviation Studies, asked if they could visit Rolls-Royce to add a practical aspect to supplement their theoretical studies. The Sqn BTEC Award Officer, Flying Officer Ruth Morgan said, “One of the units of the BTEC award is centred around the subject of Propulsion. In addition to the models of engines that we use to teach the subject, the cadets expressed an interest in seeing the real thing and thanks to Rolls-Royce, we have been able to give the cadets this opportunity to further their learning”.

1211 Sqn’s Air Cadets outside the Rolls-Royce New Engine Build Facility

The trip began with a visit to the Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust exhibition at the Learning and Career Development Centre on Wilmore Road. Here the cadets gained an insight in to Piston engine technology and took a look at how the early jet engines were developed and have since evolved.
Cadet George Marshall said “The Heritage Trust exhibition was really interesting, we got to see the Merlin engine used in the Spitfire, sat in the cockpit of a Canberra aircraft and saw the engines from Concorde. I also learnt about the different types of engines which will help me in my Propulsion exam next week“.

The cadets then visited the New Engine build facility on Wilmore road to see how the latest Trent aero-engines are assembled before they are shipped to America or France to be installed on Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Here the cadets learnt about the Production flow-lines, engine modular construction and how the large turbofan engine works. Cadet Matthew Caffrey said, “It was amazing to see how the different modules were put together to make up the whole engine. We even got to see Rolls-Royce’s most powerful engine, the Trent 800 and their newest engines the Trent 900, used on the Airbus A380 “Super Jumbo” and Trent 1000 for Boeings’ new aeroplane the 787.

1211 Sqn’s Air Cadets in front of a Rolls-Royce Trent 800 Turbofan Engine

1211 Sqn’s Operations Officer, Flight Lieutenant Rob Moore, who helped organised the trip said, “The cadets have gained so much from this visit and seeing the actual engine hardware will help reinforce the training that we have already given them. I am sure they will all do well when they sit their Propulsion examinations next week! Rolls-Royce has a strong presence in the local and wider community and I would like to thank those persons involved in making this trip possible for us”.