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Swadlincote Air Cadets Visit Westmister Abbey for Battle of Britain Memorial

Article posted: Sep 18, 2013 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

Sunday 15th September 2013 saw Air Cadets and members of Staff from Swadlincote travel to Westminster Abbey in London to take part in a Battle of Britain Memorial Service, alongside current serving members of the Royal Air Force & veterans and members of the local Royal British Legion Association, Mr & Mrs Morris. As part of the memorial service, there was also a flypast by Royal Air Force aircraft.

Despite the early start, which saw everyone involved meeting at the Squadron Headquarters in Eureka Park at 6am, Swadlincote’s own Cadet (Cdt) Elizabeth Lord (14) says “I had lots of fun, it was a really amazing experience being given the opportunity to go inside Westminster Abbey, and even though we got stuck in traffic driving through the centre of London due to the Triathlon being held on the same day, I shall look forward to the prospect of being invited to go again next year, even more so at catching a glimpse of a member of the Royal Family who have been in attendance at the same Memorial Service in previous years.”

As soon as the memorial service concluded, we travelled to Royal Air Force Museum Hendon, which is just outside of the centre of London to take part in a quiz which was focused around questions on both past & current Royal Air Force aircraft and milestones of flight throughout the Falklands war, World War 1 and World War 2. This quiz formed part of a competition where the cadets were split up into groups of 5 and the group to answer the most questions correctly, won a prize in the form of a bag of Haribo sweets. After spending the final stretch of the journey home marking the quiz answers, there was a clear winner who named themselves “TEAM WE WANT SOME SWEETS” which was made up of Cadet Corporal (Cdt Cpl) Sarah Harvey (15), Cadet Jack Loverock (15) and Cadet Morris (13).

CI C Tildesley
Squadron MCO