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Swimming at Stamford

Article posted: Sep 19, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Pass

15 cadets including some of the squadrons’ newest members took part in the Air Cadet Organisations Swimming proficiency test ahead of the South & East Midlands Wing annual swimming competition this weekend.

It was also the first time the squadron has been able to use the fantastic new facilities at Stamford Endowed Schools Pool, which was completed recently. The new pool around the corner from the squadron will hopefully mean that even more of the cadets will have the chance to gain proficiency certificates.

The squadron is also hoping that access to this new facility will help to develop the squadrons’ relationships with the other cadet groups in Stamford. “There is quite a large cadet presence in the town, with ATC, ACF, Police and CCF cadet units as well as Scouts. It would be great if we could develop our relationships into some joint swimming sessions.” said OC Sqn Flt Lt HJ Gibson.

By Flt Lt H Gibson
OC 2071(Stamford) Sqn