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Swynnerton 2015 for Melton Air Cadets’

Article posted: Jun 01, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Pass

It was the best week of my life! On Saturday 23rd May, when we got to Swynnerton camp, we were put in our flights and rooms, and I was with nobody I knew in both of them (as a Cdt NCO), but I quickly adjusted and made some great friends who I would be spending the week with. We started by having teambuilding exercises that helped us grow as a team. There was a range of activities, and our flight worked very well together.

The next day I was on shooting and mountain biking, these both included firsts for me. I fired the L98A2 for the first time, and I got a ‘pass’ on the DCCT.

The next day I was on Operation Swynnerton Storm, which was a very physical day, including paintballing and a ‘trim trail’. The next day included drill and leadership. Drill was practice for the drill competition we had the next day, and leadership included things such as PICSIE and SMEAC.

The final day of our 4 day rotation included Casevac and Gun Run, and as it was very physical, I enjoyed it greatly.
Our final day was race day, which included things from all of the week, such as a stretcher race and another Casevac.

The week finished with final parade where the results were announced, and my flight came 6th (out of 12 flights, a big achievement as we had 6 asthmatics in our flight).

I would recommend this week to anyone.

Cadet Samuel Page commented, “Amazing week! So many opportunities and achievements can be made!”

Cadet Corporal Joe Roper
1279 (Melton Mowbray) Squadron