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Syston Air Cadets Go Gliding

Article posted: Mar 07, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Pass

On the 23rd February 2013 Cadet Corporal Sutton and Cadets Adkin and Malam went out to RAF Syerston for an amazing day of gliding…

After arrival at the station the Cadets did the obligatory checks, which are required every time at gliding, (being weighed, and watching a serious video brief of gliding and how to be safe in the Glider and around the Airfield); which all the Cadets thoroughly enjoyed. We then waited for the “pre gliding brief”, which takes place at the start of every gliding day.

Throughout the day we helped to launch the aircraft. We did this by attaching the strop (the wire which leads to the winch) to the undercarriage of the glider and also helping pass the signals on to the “caravan” to signal the winch to pull the glider. Even 1181 (Syston) Squadron Officer Commanding, Flight Lieutenant Kenyon had a go at this by attaching the strop to one of the gliders. Much to the horror of the cadet inside.

All three of the Syston Cadets got the chance to glide for around 40 minutes, completing their Gliding induction course 3 (Gic 3). Cadet Corporal Sutton was fortunate enough to try some aerobatics, an experience he thoroughly enjoyed. He then went on to add ”When I was up there, there was no sound other than the wind rushing over the wings. At the top of the loop which the instructor did it was totally silent. Not even the wind was heard. It is so much better doing gliding than flying-especially when you do Aerobatics!”

All three Cadets thoroughly enjoyed the day and had an amazing time Gliding!! Thank you to Flight Lieutenant Kenyon for driving us to RAF Syerston. Also thank you to all the instructors and Staff Cadets at 643 VGS for letting us glide and have this Air Experience Flight in the Viking Gliding Aircraft.

By Cdt Daniel Adkin
1181 (Syston) Sqn ATC