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The first march of many for 2418 cadet

Article posted: Feb 03, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

I started my first Nijmegen practice walk on Sunday 18th January. Despite not knowing what to expect, I took the brave step of putting myself in a testing position attending the first training session at Glenfield Squadron. With all my preparation sorted the night before, I woke early in the morning full of excitement, enthusiasm and motivation to have a good day and to take on any challenges.

With a late start, the pace was set and the challenges had begun. I kept my motivation high and determination strong despite having my initial shock at the pace. Throughout the day there were chances to talk and bond with potential future team of Nijmegen marchers for South and East Midlands which allowed the miles and time pass quicker.

This also distracted everyone from the pain from their feet and the coldness all helped further by funny marching songs. It was an interesting day I spent doing an activity I was not used to, nevertheless, I enjoyed myself and I am looking forward to the next training session where I will get to learn more and adjust to the pace once again, all in preparation for the real Nijmegen March.

Cadet Flight Sergeant Saffron Green