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The Suffering Race

Article posted: Mar 24, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Rayson-Flynn

6 Cadets from 1F (City of Leicester) Squadron helped out at Rockingham Castle on Sunday 8th March, at the suitably named and maddening Suffering Race. The Cadets didn’t know what they had volunteered for until they turned up at the venue at 08:00hrs on the Sunday morning, transported by two of the squadron staff.
On arrival they met with one of the organisers who told them they would be supervising car parking until 10:00hrs and then they would be helping out in the main area. The car parking duties also involved the taking of entrance money on the main gate and separating event staff from visitors and competitors in different car parks.

After 10:00hrs the cadets made their way through to the main area of the venue and were met by The Reaper Manager. Here they found out they had three duties to undertake; manning the water station for returning competitors, manning showers, taking payment, and best of all pushing the competitors to get over numerous walls whilst throwing cold, muddy sponges at them and making them crawl through a mud bath. Needless to say this led to all cadets also getting very muddy as the sponges where thrown back in humour.

A few other duties also included changing the bin bags around the estate, litter picking and also helping to clear the merchandise from the finish line. Cdt Basra one of the squadron’s newest cadets, said the day was absolutely amazing despite the little spits of rain and he hopes all future activities would be as fun, and that he would have no worries about putting himself forward for future events.

After the last competitor had gone through the Cadets gathered at the mud bath to have a photo taken showing them covered in the lovely mud. At the end of the day all the cadets and the staff where very disappointed they hadn’t heard of The Suffering Race as they would have all loved to have taken part in either the 5Km, 10Km or 10M race. A few absolutely mad competitors called the legends take part in all three races over the weekend.

CI Belleini
1F Sqn