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Three in a Row for 1360 - Banner Champions

Article posted: May 10, 2013 by Wing Media & Comm Officer

1360 Squadron Strike AGAIN!

What a weekend it has been for 1360 (Stapleford and Sandiacre) Squadron. After months, weeks and days of training the time had come around again when the Squadron banner team was sent to RAF Wittering to compete in the Wing Banner drill competition.
1360 Squadron have won this competition 2 years in a row and with new Cadets in the team was it possible to keep their title of Banner Drill champions?

With shoes polished like mirrors and razor sharp creases in their uniform the team headed down to RAF Wittering in Peterborough where they would be up against 26 other teams and this year every squadron wanting to knock 1360 off the top. The competition was fierce. It was 1360 Squadron’s time to take their place on the drill square where they were being watched with hawk eyes by the Banner Drill inspector but also other Squadron’s staff. It was now crucial that the team got every stamp and every turn in time so they could hopefully once again lift the trophy.

Flight Sergeant Liam Osbiston (17) was carrying the Banner for the third successive year but with two brand new team mates added to the mix in the form of, Flight Sergeant Abby Jones (17) as the new left escort and Corporal Jake Harlow (17) as the new Banner
Warrant Officer it was a nail biting time for Sgt ATC James Glover who had spent months training the team to perfection.

As he stood at the side his team marched on perfectly and stamped in together. The competition was on. The team performed each order in perfect synchronisation and they marched off the parade with heads held high and confidence shooting through the roof.
After each Squadron banner team gave it their all, it was time to form up on final parade to hear the results of the competition.

Waiting anxiously 3rd place was called it wasn’t 1360, 2nd place was called it still wasn’t 1360 as the final pause for 1st place was given to the teams amazement 1360 Squadron was called out for 1st place! The Squadron Banner team had now won it not once, not twice but now THREE years in a row scoring the Hat-trick.

It was the biggest sense of achievement for all the team! Holding the trophy high again 1360 Squadron had banner drill in the bag.

Adult Sergeant Glover said: “Great job team! Now there’s wing banner at Albert Ball and Battle of Britain parade! Fantastic result, always nice to see the results of all that hard work, well done stormtroopers!”