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Top Marksmanship by Long Eaton Air Cadets

Article posted: Jun 09, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Last week during the Wing Swynnerton camp, many awards were achieved by Cadets from 2195 (Long Eaton) squadron. In total 5 marksman’s awards were awarded.

This including 2 Corps Marksman’s, achieved by Cadet Sergeant James Bland and Cadet Mackenzie Fearon, 1 Regional Marksman, achieved by Cadet Sergeant Craig Harrison, 1 Wing Marksman, achieved by Cadet Lani Diggle and 1 Squadron Marksman awards, achieved by Cadet Logan McNamara.

Each time the cadets go shooting they aim to get as many points as they can. Their points vary depending on where they hit the target and their groupings. Depending on the points that they manage to score in one session, they can be awarded a marksman award.

Squadron marksman is the first badge awarded, and is quite a challenging feat in itself! After this they can achieve a Wing and then a Region Marksman. Once they have managed to get quite a bit of practise and they can attempt to try and get the highest award of Corps Marksman. This highest level of the award is very challenging, requiring physical strength, focus and skill.

Written by L Scott