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Waendel March for 2418 Sqn

Article posted: Jun 11, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

On Friday the 10th of may, I, Corporal Kearsley arrived at a little gym near the town of Wellingborough at 7:00pm after getting lost a few times on the journey, this little gym would be ‘home’ for the next two days and nights, in this gym we were stopping at there where many people from all over Europe, including Germans, Belgians and there was even a Dutch couple.

On the Saturday morning we, The South and East Midlands Nijmegen training team, woke up at 07:00, we were walking out at 8:30, the weather in the morning was very cold and windy, but to overcome this we all had a bacon cob which increased the happiness amongst us all, We all set out on a 25 mile march, but as the day progressed the weather became very hot and a sun tan was on the cards for all of the team, but this was not to last because later on in the day the rain decided to show up and it lasted for about 30 minutes, as we carried on the walk there were many straight roads which, when you are really tired, is very demoralising and plays tricks on your mind, but we just had to get on with it and get it done.

There were many rest stops on the walk and the people there were really helpful and encouraging towards all of us.

The second day seemed much easy to every body as we were walking less so we were able to get more sleep and not feel as tired, on this day we walked 15 miles, for nearly all of the day it was sunny and the morale was really high as we were all singing and in some cases dancing like myself and Cpl Mitchell from Beeston squadron.

All in all it was a very good experience and I would promote it to anyone else, even if they are not into walking as we all had a really good time.

Cpl Connor Kearsley
2418 (Sherwood) SQN