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Wellingborough RAF Air Cadets soar up the ranks

Article posted: Jun 19, 2015 by sl6

Several air cadets from 378 (Mannock) Squadron have been awarded promotions at a recent ceremony at the unit’s Headquarters at Spring Gardens, Wellingborough. The Air Training Corps cadets were elevated to their new ranks, including Corporals, Sergeants and Flight Sergeants, as a result of their good service and ability to lead and mentor the more junior members of the Squadron.

Being newly appointed to their Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) roles, the cadets will be expected to provide a good example as well as perform various tasks to assist in the management of the unit. The Squadron’s Commanding Officer, Flight Lieutenant William Kellock, said: “The recent promotions are the culmination of a good deal of hard work and service from those new NCOs.

“Being a leader on this Squadron is more than just having a nice new rank badge; it’s about working hard and having the respect of the other cadets. Well done to our new Corporals, Sergeants and Flight Sergeants, and good luck.”

Newly promoted air cadets display their rank

Amongst the recent promotions at 378 Squadron, Cadet Corporals Elliot Cawdron (15), Charlie Dufty (14) and Sean Lyddall (15) are expected to have the steepest learning curve, having been given the responsibility that goes with their first NCO appointments. For the newly promoted Cadet Flight Sergeant Leah Catterall (17) however, the expectations are high as she takes on a new rank and further develops her NCO role. Following her appointment Leah said: “I’m pleased and very proud to have been promoted. It means a lot because I can have more impact on the unit with the planning of events and leading activities.

“As a new cadet I always looked up to the Flight Sergeants and now I find myself in that very same role. After four and a half years at the Squadron, I am now looking forward to what the future has in store and I’ll be trying my best to be that good role model for the younger cadets.”

378 (Mannock) Squadron is currently recruiting for adult volunteer staff as well as welcoming new cadets to its ranks. Volunteers or young people interested in learning more about the RAF Air Cadets in Wellingborough can visit: or the Squadron’s Facebook page at: