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West Nottingham Cadets at Wing Field Day 2014

Article posted: Jul 14, 2014 by Wing Media & Comm Officer

West Nottingham Cadets at Wing Field Day 2014

“It has been a good day to be from 504 Squadron” were the words of Flight Lieutenant Jodi Hudson, Officer Commanding 504 (West Nottingham) Squadron, after seeing the results from Wing Field Day 2014 showing significant increases in placing across most of the areas of competition for 504 Squadron.

TEAM 504, as it is now branded, had much to improve on from previous years results after some disappointing finishes at Wing Field Day. However, with a real enthusiasm and drive for success, 504 Squadron was determined to do well in 2014 and they certainly worked hard to make sure this happened.

After finishing 22nd in the flag-ship drill competition in 2013, the drill squad from 504 Squadron increased their result on the square by 13 placing’s to 9th, which was a fantastic improvement.

In first aid, TEAM 504 achieved a 15 place increase in their result, from 20th in 2013, to 5th at Wing Field Day this year. Hard work in the media competition paid off for both the Cadet and staff entry, as they both managed to finish 2nd in their respective categories. In the diorama, leadership and the shooting, 504 Squadron saw increases in their results, which was extremely pleasing after all of the effort put in by Cadets and staff alike.

All the results combined to achieve 10th overall at Wing Field Day this year for 504 Squadron, up from 21st in 2013. 504 Squadron have entered the top ten of the overall results at this competition for the first time in over a decade, which is certainly something everyone at 504 Squadron can feel proud about.

Speaking after the competition, Flt Lt Jodi Hudson (OC 504) said: “All of us at 504 Squadron have been working extremely hard to improve our attainment in all areas of ATC life, with Wing Field Day being perhaps the most important. For too long 504 Squadron has not displayed to the rest of the Wing what it is made of, now the Unit is starting to reach for its true potential. I am very proud of what our Cadets did at Wing Field Day this year, the real challenge now is continuing the improvement in 2015 and beyond”.

CI Dodds
504 (West Nottingham) Squadron MCO