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What a privilege’ for 2418 Cadet Warrant Officer!

Article posted: Nov 01, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Cadet Warrant Officer (CWO) Green from 2418 Sherwood Squadron was formally invited as a VIP guest to the Lincolnshire Parade to help celebrate the Air Training Corps in its 75th year. Cadet Warrant Officer Green recalls the day as starting off quite gloomy with the weather being rainy with grey skies but quickly lightening up once they all arrived in Lincoln thankfully.

All cadets were invited into the beautiful church for a service before commencing with the parade to celebrate 75 years. Once the parade was over, CWO Green joined the rest of the VIP guests, where they mingled with staff all across the UK. CWO Green added, “The parade was fantastic, all wings did extremely well especially our very own. South and East Midlands did everyone proud today. I have even been lucky enough to witness Wing Warrant Officer Dan Haywood be promoted to Regional Warrant Officer which was amazing.

A well deserved appointment! I’ve had an amazing day, getting to meet and chat with so many members of staff from across the whole of the UK, it was fantastic. It has been such an honour to be invited. Definitely a highlight in my cadet career.”

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2418 Media Team