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What do you mean there’s no engine???

Article posted: Jul 18, 2010 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

As for most cadets their first time flying can be an exciting experience and that was no different for some of the cadets who recently went for their first flight in a Viking glider. When asked about the experiences they said:

Gliding with cadets was amazing! Every single second was different, even the journey there was good!
I think gliding is a bit better than flying because you get airborne more than once.

The best part of the day was really to be gliding in the Viking aircraft. The Viking aircraft was the best aircraft because of its take off and it’s a brilliant experience (and the pilot).
The only thing I don’t like about gliding is that you can’t do many aerobatics, but you can do stall turns which make your belly drop!
I would rate gliding a big 10/10.

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