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Wigston Cadets Meet The RAF Falcons!

Article posted: Jul 17, 2014 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

On an early Wednesday morning, FLT SGT’s Hardy & Timson set out for a small facility in Bedfordshire to meet some very talented individuals. After they arrived, the two were greeted by the Falcons team Leader FLT LT Chris Bailey and were briefed on what they were about to go and do. It was a long wait, but when the Falcons coach walked in and told the group they were going to go indoor sky diving with the RAF Falcons Timson and Hardy were ecstatic! Having the opportunity to do such a highly skilled activity with the RAF’s best is not something every Air Cadet has the opportunity of doing which made the experience truly special.

After a morning of training with the Falcons the two went over to RAF Brize Norton, the home of the Airborne Delivery wing where Team Falcon is based. During the afternoon Timson & Hardy had the chance of experiencing different parachute rigs for different types of drops as well as having a go in the parachute simulator. FLT SGT Hardy excelled at this and won the competition for the closest landing to the drop zone which was excellent! After a couple of goes it was time to have a go in the fan decent which is a 30ft drop to allow soldiers to practice their landings. After being rigged up to a safety harness the two had a couple of goes and landed successfully!

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