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Wigston Get their football Boots on!

Article posted: Mar 02, 2015 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

In my time at the Air Cadets, I have never attended wing football before. I was surprised when I arrived as apparently there are only few cadets who attend, however, I believe that there were around 60 cadets who attended this year, which obviously shows the enthusiasm from our Wing is increasing.

When I got there I had come straight from shooting so I got changed from my uniform into my sports kit. Immediately after this, we did a warm up and some stretches. After this, we split into groups depending on what position we played in – I am a midfielder so I went with that group.

In our groups we were passing the ball to each other whilst standing in a circle. At the same time we attempted to learn each others names. Shortly after this, we were put into 4 teams where we played matches for around 10 minutes.

After the mathces, we practised set pieces in our teams as this is a vital skill in the game and then we had an hours lunch break. After lunch the staff member in charge picked what he believed the team should be and split the rest of us into teams where we played against the ‘first team’. I imagine I must have done well in this game as I was then forwarded to the squad and picked for the final team.

This was a good eventful day, it was unlucky that the other two cadets form my Sqn didn’t get into the team. Even though they were not picked we still all enjoyed the day and left with a smile.

1461 Media Team