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Wigston TDF Experiences

Article posted: Jun 23, 2014 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

I joined the 1461 in April 2014.

The experience I have had so far has been great. So far I have learnt about flight and how it has progressed through the decades, and I have learnt things that I never knew before. Air Cadets is not just a place to learn about flight and leadership but it’s about having fun and meeting lots of great, new people with a mixture of awesome personalities whilst learning new things to help me in life and any career that I go in to.

The ATC also has a lot of fantastic activities, like gliding and flying, shooting rifles, visiting RAF stations and going on big camps like Swynnerton and Wittering, and all of which I’m looking forward to. Joining the Air Cadets has really made my life less boring and has really given me some joy to my life. I have really got to bond with other cadets, get used to them and create a really good, and close friendships. I trust my fellow cadets, they have become my second family.

Cdt Martin
1461 Squadron