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Wild and Wet in Windermere

Article posted: Jan 29, 2008 by Sl6

Staff from South and East Midlands Wing have completed a four day adventure training course based out of the National Air Cadet Adventure Training Centre in Windermere. The practically based course encourages adventure in a mountain environment to extend personal hill walking and navigation skills.

The 15 staff on the course ranged in ability from novice to highly experienced hill walkers and mountaineers, with the course programme tailored to meet everyone’s needs, as well as the Lake District Weather! During the course those wishing to improve their navigation undertook a series of activities starting in the centre’s own training facility, before venturing out onto the fells to put their freshly learnt theory into practice.

Led by the qualified Mountain Leaders, Flt Lt’s Roberts and Rose, together with CI’s Libby & Orwin, the route progressively increased the skills and confidence of all the participants.

Members of South & East Midlands Wing at the recent adventure training course held in Winderemere

The course also allowed those with more experience to tackle new areas of the Lake District and accumulate full mountain days towards their Mountain Leader Award. During the evenings a safety on steep ground workshop was held to brush up on this important area of the Mountain Leader syllabus.

Gale force winds sweeping through the mountains added an extra element of adventure, requiring very careful route selection. The testing conditions were a new experience to some of the party, who remarked how it had added greatly to their personal experience. Many were keen to carry on with further adventure training and obtain a qualification to lead groups of cadets.

The Course Commander, Flt Lt Roberts, said: “The course is an excellent opportunity for individuals to further their personal skills, utilising the fantastic facilities on offer in and around the centre”. The course is run annually at the beginning of the year over a long weekend from Thursday through to Sunday.

By Flt Lt Ian Rose RAF VR(T), OC 1947 (Birstall) Sqn