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Wing Athletics for 2418 Sqn

Article posted: Jun 14, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Wilson


Wing athletics is not one of my most favourite events of the year but then again I am lazy so that kind of explains that, me and sports do not mix for obvious reasons. None the less our preparations start quite early, Being Nottingham’s number 1 squadron isn’t easy going but our awesomeness manages it day in day out without any problems.
The last few years it’s been held at Saffron Lane athletics stadium which makes Saffron Green one of our cadets very happy I hope you can see why and we decided the stadium is a tribute to her greatness. We had a very competitive team in all the classes we entered, which is always a good sign of things to come – I hoped. We arrived but had nothing to do for quite some time except warm up so we decided to think of chants we could shout out when Nottingham’s elite compete there for us.


Keeping aside all the competitiveness, there were some funny moments of the day such as our very own Sgt V Sohal who put in a good performance in the 400m but still wasn’t good enough for the finals so we now call him Sgt Slowhal he wasn’t amused however thank you Cdt Wardle for coming up with the name. That was just one of the many funny moments that happened but if I start talking about those I wouldn’t have enough time left to talk about the other things.
The day was quite action packed as there were events going on all around the stadium. The field events were hidden from view so a big shout out to all the cadets who did field events and congratulations to all the cadets who did really well in them and believe it or not it did seem like we were hosting a mini Olympics in Leicester or Leiceslympics as I like to call them. That aside the performance by everyone from the wing was commendable because it takes courage to go out and perform in front of everyone. There were some really good individual performances by our cadets which really stood out for us as a squadron namely Cdt Ubido who won both 100m 200m races in his category along with Cdt Kearsley who achieved a Herculean distance in long jump and Cdt Williams who made it to the 200m finals from our girls category. A really big well done to all these cadets they really pulled out something special that day. It was a great effort by everyone as the result of the competition for me didn’t matter. Some may disagree with that but when all your competitors give 100% effort as everyone from our squadron did you can’t ask for much more than that, so a huge thank you to all the cadets from our squadron that took part.


And now finally the results I know I said results don’t matter and I’m contradicting myself but here we go anyway. We did quite well in all the categories mainly the team in junior men who finished an impressive 2nd place in the category our highest finish along with Under 15 boys finishing in 6th position and Under 17 men finishing in joint 6th place. Girls also finished in a quite respectable 11th position with Senior Girls finishing 20th leaving us overall in 4th Place – another excellent result!!

Thanks for a great effort by everyone on the squadron and the only thing that could’ve possibly dampened the spirits was the very cold weather but as great man once said I say take it on no matter how hard and congratulations to all the squadrons that won trophies on the day well done.

Sgt Mishra
Nottingham’s Number 1