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Wing Cadet Drill Instructors Course - A Great Success!

Article posted: May 21, 2013 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

On Sunday 12th May 2013 I was fortunate to attend the DI course at RAF Syerston along with SGT Huckle, SGT Timson and CPL Sur. I was excited to learn various teaching techniques and be able to induce this into practise at our squadron. Before attending the course we were given paperwork which included the schedule of how the day would be conducted, and a copy of the Drill Mutual which we had to study before attending on the Sunday. I found it useful to be given this information before the course as peers of mine, (that had previously attended this course) were given this information on the day of attending to be assessed on the drill mutual that day. Therefore by being given this information beforehand it enabled me to be fully prepared for what the course had to offer.

The day consisted of a practical drill assessment of the participants, theory lessons, a theory exam and practises of the drill mutual in syndicates. I was anxious and nervous during the course as we were constantly being assessed this may have ultimately inhibited my performance that day CPL Sur also stated that she was ‘anxious because I had heard how intense the course is said to be’. The Drill Instructors which were present at the course were extremely helpful, approachable and were constantly giving feedback in order for us to reach our full potential this enabled me to feel at ease and uphold the experience. I fully enjoyed the overall experience, and learnt many new skills and techniques which are knowledgeable for our squadron to succeed in future drill competitions. The course itself was extremely beneficial and I highly recommend it, for whoever is contemplating whether to partake the course.

Sgt Huckle said ‘the course was brilliant, one of the best courses the ATC has to offer in my opinion’ he had similar thoughts to myself. Sgt Timson then went on to say he agreed but then added ‘the way the course was laid out and planed flowed really well, I really like how many qualified ATC Drill instructors also attended the course’.

CPL Sur said ‘I feel much more confident now on how to teach drill and am looking forward to taking on everything that I have learnt back to my squadron. I believe a huge advantage of the course was having the number of Drill instructors present, the course was hugely informative and beneficial I am glad that I applied to be on the course’.

Cpl Ashby
1461 Sqn