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Wing Field Day – (1936) Newton Squadron

Article posted: Jul 23, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Pass

On the 5th July, Newton cadets competed at RAF Wittering against 28 other Squadrons at Wing Field Day: where First Aid, Air Rec, Drill, Media, Leadership, Shooting and a Padre competition are all put under scrutiny to determine which Squadron in the Wing possesses the most talent in these core areas.

For 1936, the day was demanding yet rewarding; as we were immediately requested on the drill square on arriving and therefore treasured our car-park rehearsal and performed at 9:15. The Drill team, led by Flight Sergeant Ball, were all very pleased with our performance as it was our first run through as the full team and with only minor, if any errors. Our drill team came in the top ten, earning us all a free trip bowling as promised by Sgt Marman.

Newton’s most successful event was First Aid, in which the scenario consisted of a broken collarbone, bleeds and a casualty locked in a cupboard. As cadet and staff we placed 2nd overall which is very impressive and rewarding for a team that was only finalised the night before.

We had further success with our Air Recc team correctly identifying multiple aircraft from history and placing 3rd in the Wing. Though there were only two of them, Cpl Towle and Cdt George showed their wide aircraft knowledge.

The Squadron placed 6th in Media which was largely due to Sgt Wilson’s excellent newspaper advertisement for the ACO which had been completed before the day.

Other events throughout the day consisted of shooting and leadership. The collective effort of all the cadets saw (1936) Newton Squadron place 16th in the wing. Although not as successful as previous years the Squadron is incredibly proud of our achievements; we have succeeded in events that we have not fared so well in before, such as First aid and Air Recc. We are feeling optimistic for next year events with room to improve in all areas.

Cpl J Paine
1936 (Newton) Squadron