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Wing Football - 2418 Sqn Cadet Ryan Maule

Article posted: Mar 28, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Cdt Maule & Cdt Grant from 2418 Sherwood squadron went to play for the wing football team. The match was being played at RAF Cranwell.

When we arrived we were issued with the kit which was a wing football top, shorts, socks and a full track suit with the wing logo on it. When we were changed we went on the football pitches to train for a bit so as to get to know our team players. Our first match was not until 11:00am. This match went really well, it was about four minutes into the game and we scored South & East midlands were 1-0 up and we won that game. The next game we drew and I saved a penalty. The next game we drew but we played really well, it was against Trent wing who are our main rivals but you still get points if you draw, lose or win.

Unfortunately we lost the next game 1-0 because it was against Birmingham Wing who are a really good team. We just lost by a goal in the last 4 minutes. We tried to get a goal back to make it a draw but it was not going to happen. The last game we had we had to win to get second in the tournament. You only play five matches in the tournament and there about 20 to 30 minutes apart for each match. So the last game everyone wanted to win. South and East midlands were 1-0 up at half time but we wanted one more just to be safe. Full time score South and East midlands won 2-0. Birmingham wing came 1st and got a gold medal, South and East midlands wing came 2nd and our wing got a silver medal. We had done really well.

Cdt Maule and Cdt Grant got picked for the regional trials on 21st April .
By Cadet Ryan Maule