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Wing holds its first drill course of 2015

Article posted: Mar 30, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Rayson-Flynn

The weekend of 27-29 March saw another 15 cadets from South and East Midlands Wing attend one of the most physically and mentally challenging courses the Wing has to offer.
From stepping through the doors at the Training Block at RAF Witting on the Friday evening the cadets were set to task with a personal drill test and practical exercise around the some 900+page drill manual- AP818.

The following morning was Inspection number 1 with some minor developmental points the day was set for enhanced learning and some “marching up and down” along with fault finding, marching & explaining at the same time and also theory & practical lessons in how to set up a full Sqn parade. This is something that the WWO looks forward to seeing in practice around the Wing.
Finally Sunday arrived and the students were inspected a second time by the eagle eyed Head of Cadet Development and ex SNCO, Flt Lt Hudson.

It was then into the assessed drill lesson or what is known as the “mutual” this brought tears, tantrums and relief for many. It was then time for the theory exam that was again time for fingers and thumbs to frantically fumble around AP818.

Finally the students completed a flawless final parade and march past to the directing staff and Flt Lt Hudson. Cadet FS Tang from 1947 Sqn was awarded the Top Student, he received a years supply of Shoe Polish.

The course is aimed to give the students the ability and knowledge to be able to take a raw junior cadet on Sqn and teach them how to become an effective member of a drill squad. It also empowers the students to raise the standards and ability of the cadets and staff on Sqns throughout the Wing.

The WWO and Course Director WO(ATC) Haywood said “This course is such a rollercoaster of emotions for the students, they arrive with many fears and pre-conceptions of the course. They then settle in and take themselves through a massive learning curve and 99% of the time come out with a smiley face and keen attitude to return to unit and experiment with the new found skill set. I am immensely proud of the Wing in all we achieve in Drill and Ceremonial. I work alongside some of the Corps most professional Drill Instructors and without them this course would simply be Diiiiiiiiiiiiismissed!”

WO (ATC) D Haywood
Wing Warrant Officer