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Wing Pyrenees Expedition 2013

Article posted: Sep 19, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Pass

After a series of challenging selection tests, Cadet Corporal’s Davies and Webb-Macleod were successful in being selected for a Wing Expedition Team and on the 5th – 13th August they embarked on a Wing Adventure Training Camp to the Pyrenees Mountain Range.

Cadet Corporal Webb-Macleod produced a diary of his experiences and below is a summary of the main events:

Tuesday 6th August
Landed in Barcelona at 21:00 Local Time. We then had a 4 hour drive until we arrived at our destination in the Pyrenees.
Wednesday 7th August
A Team Leader and a Deputy were chosen, these would change each day. The Deputy would become the Team Leader the next day, and they would choose a Deputy, and so on.
Thursday 8th August
Acclimatization walk lasted around 4 hours. We were all packed with our day sacks by 10:30 and headed off for the base of the peak ‘Pico de Cerler’, which is around 2,400m above sea level. It took around 2 hours to summit the mountain; and from the top we could see all of Benasque. Traveled for about 45 minutes, out of the mountains, to a lake where we could hire kayaks. We all spent 4 hours kayaking. Valley (where our campsite was based).
Friday 9th August
The team went rock climbing up one of the many naturally formed walls.
Saturday 10th August – 1st Expedition
At 13:00 we started walking; and at 18:45 we finally reached the piece of land where we would be wild camping, we set up our tents then put dinner on.
Sunday 11th August – 2nd day of 1st Expedition
Took us two hours to summit, Pico de Paderna, At 2,622m above sea level, it’s almost twice as high as Ben Nevis.
Monday 12th August
Become Team Leader and a thunderstorm interrupted the 30 oC heat. The storm carried on all night, afterwards I stepped down from the role as Leader and passed it on to my Deputy.

Wednesday 14th August – 2nd Expedition
Started walking at 14:45 and got to the place where we would be staying the night at 18:30. The altitude was 2,200m, so it was quite cold at night.
Saturday 17th August – 2nd day of 2nd Expedition
Arrived at our wild camp site at 18:00. We then started to prepare to summit ‘Tuc de Molières’.
Sunday 18th August – 3rd day of 2nd Expedition
Successfully climbed the summit of ‘Tuc de Molières’.
Monday 19th August
Went White Water Rafting.

Cadet Corporal Webb Macleod said; “The Pyrenees 2013 Expedition has been a life-changing experience for me, it has taught many skills; and also how to work both independently and as part of a team. It has been by far one of the best activities that I have done in the Air Training Corps, and I feel very proud to have been a part of it.”

There is no doubt that the experiences that the two Corporal’s had, used all their skills that they had previously been taught in Adventure Training Syllabus. Well done to Both of them.

By FS (ATC) Matt Parker
2070 Sqn MCO