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Wing Spring Camp Hailed an Overwhelming Success

Article posted: Jun 02, 2008 by Sqn Ldr Pass

The South & East Midland Wing’s Spring Camp at the Swynnerton Training Area has been hailed as an overwhelming Success by all the staff and cadets that attended.

The chill wind and rain could not dampen the enthusiasm of the 246 cadets who strongly competed in the twelve flight competition throughout the gruelling week.

Over the top!

The Swynnerton Training Area, near Stone in Staffordshire, has been home to the Spring Camp for several years, however, this year marked a distinct change in the way the Camp was to be run. Flt Lt’s Ian Rose and James Roberts drastically changed the training programme in an effort to ensure that every cadet came away from the camp with either a qualification, a skill or an experience without taking away the FUN aspect.

The first four days of the camp were spent teaching cadets skills they would need to complete the Day Exercise on the fifth day and the Heptathlon on the sixth day. In the evenings courses were run on Heart Start, Advanced Navigation, Advanced Drill, Initiative exercises and sport. Added to all that, there was target shooting and of course drill.

Cadets cross the brook on rope bridges

The 112 officers, AWO’s, ASNCO’s, CI’s and Instructor Cadets designed, built and staffed all the twelve exercises ranging from a gun run, to diagnosing, treating and evacuating casualities. The whole organisation being smoothly controlled by Sqn Ldr Andy Flynn, the Camp Commandant.

To prove the effectiveness of the training the following statistics will set the standard for future Wing camps:

  • 98 Heart Start Certificates awarded
  • 33 Provisional Radio Certificates awarded
  • 9 Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Residential Project achieved
  • 19 Marksmen
  • 6 CWO’s successfully boarded

In addition:

  • 80 cadets achieved weapons handling tests for the first time
  • 70 cadets re qualified

Also 23 staff achieved shooting qualifications.

Cadets form up for the final parade with the Wing Banner

Said Wing Commander Nigel Dickinson, Officer Commanding South & East Midlands Wing, “The radical change to the training programme has produced results that have exceeded expectation, this is due, in no small part, to the professionalism of the staff and the drive and enthusiasm of the cadets. I am proud to lead a Wing that so exemplifies the ethos of the Air cadet organisation.”

By Flt Lt Allan Munns RAF VR(T)
Wing Media & Communications Officer