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Wing Warrant Officers’ Conference

Article posted: Jan 31, 2014 by Wing Media & Comm Officer

Wing Warrant Officers’ Conference

Saturday 25th January saw the 2014 Wing Warrant Offices’ (WWO) Conference held at East Midlands Officer Training Centre (OTC), Nottingham. The event was organised by the Wing Warrant Officer for South and East Midlands Wing, Warrant Officer (ATC) Dan Haywood, and saw 45 of the Wings 75 Warrant Officers (WOs)and Senior Non Commissioned Officers (SNCOs) attend.

In attendance were “Drill Pigs”, “Range Rats”, “Mountain Goats”, “Radio Squawkers”,” Medical Monkeys” and “Stealthy Stealing Stackers”, summing up the array of specialist within the ranks that are the Non Commissioned.

This was the second conference held by WO Haywood and the feedback and information provided is vitally important to the WO and SNCO Cadre.

During the day various subjects were offered to the floor to discuss and form strategies to take the cadre forward and maintain the high degree of professionalism and drive that we already have over many other Wings.

Drill instruction for both cadets and staff was raised and ideas put forward to not only enhance the standard but also to enable the opportunity for further development for all including the VRT branch.

With the introduction of MTP a session was held outlining the Corps and Wing Policy with regards to the wearing and standard of MTP along with estimated dates of transition completion.

Another heavy topic that was aired and discussed was the SNCO promotion process and how a formal structure would be followed offering promotion to the deserved and not merely on a time served basis.

The day was broken up with a fantastic lunch provided by the OTC Chef Cpl Steve Hyatt who single handily prepared and cooked for the attendees and guests.

The afternoon saw opportunities to speak openly with Wing Staff and the Commanding Officer of South and East Midlands Wing, Wing Commander Nigel Dickinson OBE.

At the end of the conference OCW made two very deserving presentations to 2 WOs from the Wing. WO (ATC) Andrew Hubbard, 1461(Wigston) Squadron, received his clasp to his Cadet Forces Medal (CFM) and WO (ATC) Mark Butler, 2229 (Loughborough) Squadron (and the Central and East Regional WO) received the 4th Clasp and Gold Rosette to his CFM.

The evening saw a number of the attendees gather for a social event in the OTC bar for relaxed conversations and high quality banter.

Once again thank you for all that attended and I hope that 2014 is yet another successful year for the WO’s and SNCO’s of South and East Midlands Wing.