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Winners of the Cadet 15 competition

Article posted: Aug 11, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Rayson-Flynn

On Monday 10th August, Cadet Sergeant Nicole Walker and Cadet Corporal Steven Taylor travelled to Chetwynd Barracks to compete against the Army Cadets. Each cadet service was split in two and competed in a number of activities including: leadership tasks, first aid, gun run, shooting, obstacle courses and more!

During break we got a extremely good surprise as a Griffin helicopter came to take us all on a 10 minute travel, we then finished the last three rotations and then ended with a tug of war competition which left us with the final score!

A BBQ was put on for us so that the air cadets and army cadets could get to know one another whilst they calculated the results! The final results were in and the air cadets had won!

Cadet Sergeant Nicole Walker said “The day was filled with fantastic activities which everyone enjoyed! I loved competing against the army cadets and I hope to do it again soon, however the best part was definitely the flight in the Griffin helicopter!”

A big thank you to the wing warrant officer for organising this amazing event!

Written by Cadet Sergeant N Walker
2195 (Long Eaton) Sqn