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Working at the Car Wash, 2195

Article posted: Mar 09, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

2195 Long Eaton Air Cadets were down at Ilkeston fire station on the 7th March, as volunteers along with Air Cadets from other local squadrons, Army Cadets and Sea Cadets. The event was to help raise money for the Mayor of Erewash chosen charities. They worked alongside the Long Eaton Army Cadets detachment to clean a great number of cars, showing a fine example of team work, saving a few splashes of water to aim at each other. Customer’s cars received a jet wash of water followed by a scrub from both the volunteer firemen and the Cadet team, finished with another jet of water to remove the soap used to clean their car.

The event was visited by the Labour party Erewash candidate Catherine Atkinson, who assisted in the cleaning of her car and chatted to the volunteers and firemen about what they were doing. Overall, the event was a great success, mainly due to the volunteers that worked their hardest to clean the cars of Ilkeston, helped by the unseasonably warm weather. Cadet Lucy Scott, 14, said “It was great fun and it felt wonderful to be contributing to the community”.

Written by Cadet Scott