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Young or Old, It’s All in the Mind

Article posted: Aug 10, 2009 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Following an application to the Retired Officers Association Gliding Bursary CI Richard Vincett of 209 (West Bridgford) Sqn was awarded a days gliding experience at the Four Counties Gliding Club, RAF Wittering.

“During my time in the RAF I learned to fly gliders in Germany at the RAF Laarbruch Gliding Club but the last entry in my gliding log book was dated April 1997! Imagine my surprise when the first person I met at the Four Counties Club was an instructor who I last flew with in June 1996!”

CI Vincett getting ready for launch

“Today was an excellent day to go gliding and although my first flight only lasted 9 minutes the second totalled one hour eleven minutes. Once the instructor had reached 3500 feet he gave me control and I tried to remember the lessons I had learnt 10 years ago. However the weather was kind and the K13 very forgiving and at one point I had soared to 4500 feet. While I was concentrating my instructor pointed out the disused missile launch sites at MOD North Luffenham, the new motor racing circuit at Rockingham and the numerous bomb dumps he had worked at during his time in the RAF.”

A Harrier Pilots eye view of RAF Wittering

“I’d like to thank the South and East Midlands Wing Retired Officers’ Association for a very pleasant day spent in the sun at the Four Counties Gliding Club.”

By CI Richard Vincett
209 Sqn Media & Communications Officer