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You're Nicked!

Article posted: Nov 09, 2014 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

Wednesday the 5th November saw a joint venture for 2 Drill Instructors from South and East Midlands Wing.

WWO SE Midlands Wing aka PC 3323 Dan Haywood from 1936 Newton Sqn and WO(ATC) Rob Gardner from 1F Leicester Sqn double crewed to instruct a group of Nottinghamshire Police Cadets.

Answering the call for assistance at work PC Dan Haywood was requested to train the latest group of Police Cadets in the force to enable them to take part in the Remembrance Parade.
Having had basic, old ACP 19 drill training from another Police cadet trainer/ ex Air Cadet the group needed taking back to basics.

Dealing with 16 cadets at this standard was going to take some back up and so PC Haywood (Nicked) the help and expertise of WO Gardner.

After two full hours of instruction the group were at a level to keep in step and stop when required.

After the drill lesson WO Gardner said, “Well that was different, they aren’t quite what I expected however it was a pleasure to bring drill into a totally different environment and organisation, I look forward to helping out again”

Helping raise the standards and profile of the Police Cadets is something that Nottinghamshire Police are still exploring. Working closely with the Air Cadets, an already well established National Organisation can only serve to better the Police Cadets and give the Air Cadets exposure to a different side of the youth community.

Warrant Officer (ATC) Dan Haywood
Wing Warrant Officer