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One of our most popular activities for cadets is target shooting.
As you would expect, we don’t just let you pick up a rifle as soon as you join and let you fire. You will be trained to handle the Lee Enfield Number 8 target rifle during your initial training.

Before being allowed to fire the rifle you must pass a Weapons Handling Test, and you must pass this test every year to still be allowed to fire. All training and live firing is conducted by fully trained and qualified instructors who are regularly checked and re-tested.

Once you are allowed to fire, you will go to military ranges where you will attempt to gain one of the ATC marksman awards by firing at cardboard targets.

Most ranges are 25 metres long and you will normally fire batches of 5 × 0.22inch rounds at the target. The idea is to shoot accurately so that all 5 rounds hit the target in as close a group as possible. The closer the group size the better, and those who meet the standards will be awarded a marksman badge. The marksman awards in order of difficulty are:

Squadron Marksman

Wing Marksman

Region Marksman

Corps Marksman

You can progress to firing the L98-A1 Cadet General Purpose Rifle, which fires 5.56mm rounds and is based on the SA80 infantry rifle.

Like all ATC shooting, you must complete an intensive training course and pass the Weapon Handling Test before being allowed to fire the rifle. As with the No. 8 rifle, you can gain marksman badges when firing the L98 rifle.

There are a number of shooting competitions that you can enter, and the best cadets are selected to represent the Wing at prestigious national shooting championships held at the home of British shooting, Bisley.
The Cadet 100 badge is awarded to the best 100 cadets at the annual Bisley Cadet shoot. Awarded to Air, Sea and Army cadets.

Shooting in the ATC is great fun but is very safe. It teaches you discipline and you learn to develop the skills to improve your ability to shoot to marksman standard.

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