Sport Section


South and East Midlands Wing have a very strong sports presence in all of the corps sporting events.

We want you fit and healthy and enjoying what you do, so sport has a vital part to play in achieving our goals. Individual Excellence and team spirit both develop. The structure of the ACO means that we are able to sustain a framework of healthy competitiveness within which cadets of all levels of ability can improve and record their achievements.

The Air Training Corps has 7 keys sports:

  • Rugby
  • Football
  • Netball
  • Hockey
  • Athletics
  • Cross- country
  • Swimming

Cadets compete against their peers at wing, regional and national levels (Corps). If you are really good at a particular sport you may be chosen to represent the South and East Midlands Wing or even the Central and East Region and gain the coveted Wing and Regional ‘Blue’.

Like so many others, you may not be very sporty, but don’t worry, You don’t have to be the best at everything all we ask is that you have a go and do your best. By just entering for an event in the Wing swimming or athletics you will gain points for your squadron and that could be the difference between coming home with a team trophy or coming back empty handed.

The Wing have a Sport Council team headed up by Flt Lt Lynda Waplington. The rest of the team are:

  • Deputy Sports Officer (2008/2009 season) Sgt Jo Fowler ATC
  • Hockey – Flt Lt Kath Lane
  • Hockey – Fg Off Sam Carlton
  • Hockey – Flt Sgt Liz Vanderhoven ATC
  • Hockey – Sgt Sarah Hughes ATC
  • Hockey – CI Rosie Glenister
  • Boys Hockey – Fg Off Gareth Fowler
  • Boys Hockey – Sgt Jo Fowler ATC
  • Football – Sgt Lee Vanderhoven ATC
  • Football – CI Craig Harrison
  • Football – CI Andrew Kenyon
  • Football – CWO Tom Stephens
  • Netball – Flt Lt Jackie Lawrence
  • Netball – Sgt Michelle Coles ATC
  • Rugby – Flt Lt Clive Weston
  • Rugby – CI Ben Shannon

Please look around and find out your sqns results and look at the NEWS section for the Wing teams results.

If you would like more information about sports trials please look at the Sports Calendar or contact Flt Lt Lynda Waplington via our contact page.