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Sport - Football

South and East Midlands Wing run 11-A-Side football competitions at both Junior and senior age groups, for male cadets only at present, with the senior age group being able to play at Corps level.

South and East midlands wing hold football trials throughout the year for both age categories. The information will be sent to squadrons about 2 to 3 months prior to the trial dates. Usually the first trial date is for the selection of the team and the second trial date is for the selected wing team to practice and the third date is when the competition is to compete against other wings in our region.

Age Limits:

Senior Football – 16 years of age and over on 31 August 2007
Junior Football – 14 years and over and under 16 yrs on 31 August 2007

The same applies to the Region, with Wings competing against each other and the best players being able to make up the Regional team and so on up to Corps level, where Cadets can compete against other Cadet Services and other external teams – sometimes to International level.

11-A-Side football is only played by male cadets and is played under the official rules of the Football Association.

If there is any interest for arranging a female team please inform the Wing Sports Officer who possible arrange an Inter-Squadron competition.