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Sport - Hockey

Hockey in the Air Cadets is played by female cadets, and can be competed at right up to Corps level. South and East Midlands Wing trials and competitions are split into Junior and senior girls.

Age Limits:

Senior Hockey – Enrolled cadets on the day of the competition
Junior Hockey – Enrolled and under 16 years on 31 March 2008
Open Boys Hockey – Enrolled male cadets who are 14 years or over on 1 September 2007.

We hold training over two dates, the first trial dates will be to select the wing team and the second trial date will be for the selected wing team to practice, before their competition.

Central and East Region are the only region at present that offer Boys open hockey, so there are only 6 wings that compete and there is no progression onto region or corps level, But boys hockey is getting increasingly popular, so this may change in the future.

The Hockey Tournaments are normally held late in the year and are governed by the rules of the Hockey Association.